Chapter's End

by Mon Mothma

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Made during a time of life-altering transition, Chapter's End is a collection of works from a group of four long time friends who wanted to commemorate their musical kinship. Honest, raw, and open, many of the songs included on this EP derive from this time of upheaval and personal growth. From judgements of political dishonesty to the contemplation of fading love, rejection, and social interaction, Chris's and Xander's lyrics intend to be both introspective and, at the same time, a commentary of the world as it changed around them.

The band would like to thank all those who joined them in the journey to complete this EP. Friends, lovers, colleagues, and family, you are all a part of this music. It is and will always be for you.


released July 25, 2017

All songs written & performed by Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma is:
Xander Roseberry - Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Chris Grandy - Vocals, Guitar, Lap Steel
Alex Randall - Bass
David Chapman - Drums

Engineered by Chris Grandy & Xander Roseberry
Produced and Mixed by Xander Roseberry
Mastered by Neal Schmitt (Without whom, this never would have been)


all rights reserved



Mon Mothma Columbus, Ohio

An anti-super group of sorts, four long-time friends who played in various projects got together in the winter of 2016 to write a few songs before they would be separated by life and geography. A band with an expiration date, the ticking clock became their muse, pushing them to write outside of their comfort zone and become all the closer for it. ... more

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Track Name: Cite Your Sources
"Some say..."

I know you search the channels until you hear your name
that's how it was intended when I rigged up this game
so believe just what we say to, we tell the truth all day
Some say
Track Name: Don't Wanna Feel Like Shit
Don’t Know What Comes of this
Don’t Wanna Feel Like Shit
I’m down like before
Hard-pressed and wanting more than more and more and more

Familiar scene of solitude
Sick and starved enough for two
Mediate just like you’re told
Leave it at that, please, I’m cold

Poison under my skin
Who dares to come on in?
You’ve made deceit a weapon
Just one stab is drivin’ on and on and on

This is it now, can’t you see?!
Rejected’s all I’ll ever be
Lock me up or watch me go,
Striking my own final blow

Don’t try to reach me, please
I won’t unlock the freeze
No longer living on my knees
Track Name: Uggface
I know
It's so hard to accessorize
It seems you have trouble making decisions
Let them
Choose for you
Or choose for yourself its becoming the same thing

Let me have you for a night
Or for just a moment
Draped in shadow
Walk like cavemen

Burdened with an over abundance
Of froth-minded fitting in
You seem to speak only in vowels
I'm up to my ankles in your thoughts

Let me have you for a night
Or for just a moment
Draped in shadow
Walk like cavemen

Hollow head
Hollow heart
Hollow soul
Hollow garb

I don't want you for a night
Not sure I ever did
Forget I said anything
I'm sure you would anyway
Track Name: Spreading Fear
It’s an age-old story, but no more than 40 and 3
People acting funny, still a little fuzzy to me
Can’t back it up, nor rack it up for your friends
Melting with the clover to start it all over again

Feel a tad queasy if it makes you uneasy in here
Tappin’ on the gas but I never asked to steer
Can I find a way into your heart?
Intricate, endearing work of art

No one inside!
Not exactly a good place to hide
Hope just won’t do
Lost and spreading fear all over you!

Tiny intrusions still shatter the illusions of faith
Closer to the edge, pushed out on a ledge, and now you’re leaving in haste
Raising heft, with so much left undone
Nothin’ but the truth, revealing who has won

Out in the dawn
Logic dictates reason to be gone
Back across the way
We all yearn to live another day...
Track Name: Mountains & The Sea
I didn't mean to make things heavy
I try so hard to keep it light
It's just that this wholes things been bugging me
It's just that none of this is right
I can lie there beside you
And wonder if I hear you cry
We use to stay awake for hours
I had almost forgotten why

Come to the west coast when you're older
Come from the mountains to the sea
I wish you'd have come when you were younger
Maybe you would have stayed with me

The truth is I'm not sure I'll make it
Maybe I'd throw it all away
Maybe I'll gladly give up anything
Maybe you'd still be there that day

Come to the west coast when we're older
Come from the mountains to the see
I wish you come when we were younger
Maybe you would have say yes with me

It's hard enough to know you're leaving
I'd hate to think that you'd already left.

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